Thoda sa Philosophy, Economics and Foot Note

Dear Trackfinder Investor,
“The Developing Stories to Follow.”

Thoda sa Philosophy:
Have India and I do fairly well compared to the past?
That is one of the key observations you need to note to be peacefully successful.
As an individual, Financial and Investment Goal Planning is the actual management that you need for knowing the Fixed and Discretionary Spending. “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, likewise, the road to personal wealth creation is through the surgery of unnecessary spending.  

Reaching the Pinnacle is always punishing, palpitating and painful. Then, there isn’t any greater joy than achieving the impossible.

Thoda sa Economic Synopsis.
The market is down by 18% from its peak. According to Prashant Jain, the Market is at a decent price to accumulate your Value Stocks and Mutual Funds at this point in time. 

Indian Rupee’s devaluation against the $ is a temporary blip due to Fed increasing bond yield. However, Fed’s 0.75 bps increase in the benchmark interest rate and another one in next month’s FOMC meet have been gleefully welcomed by the US Markets. Indian Market will also respond correspondingly to that in the days ahead, I believe.

Our PM Modi’s promise of 1 million jobs is huge in number terms.
Armed Forces have launched Agnipath to recruit more youths into the Services.
Our Retail Inflation has eased from 7.79 to 7.04%.
All 3 announcements will force Economists into computing the impact on Roti, Kapada aur Makkan + Digital & Financial Footprints in India.

Extremely low valuations due to the price fall have not dented the value proposition of Indian Mutual Funds and Stocks. Buy is the Call.

Thoda sa Foot Note bhi:
Stay Invested, Stay Focused and Stay Blessed
Trackfinder’s endeavour is to Serve and Service all the investors in times of crisis. My Team will help you. Call and talk to them.

Warm Regards
Antony Trackfinder

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