Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation, Seriously?

“Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation”: Says IRDA.
Which essentially means that insurance has to be requested or asked for (by an Earning Individual), not sold by an Advisor or Firm.

This is one the reasons that thousands of Indians die without protecting their beloved family with an Adequate Insurance Cover.

This is not just a worry for me as a Financial Advisor, but a serious concern as an Individual.

I want every earning member, family loving person and all careful individuals in India to have an Insurance Cover. It may sound like a pipe-dream, but I am sure that too will happen one day.

Some of the very important questions that I wish to ask the Indian Government and the Insurance Company are:

1. Why Life Insurance is not mandatory?
2. Why insurance companies need to have more than just 2 types of policies, like Term Insurance Plan and Guaranteed Income Plan?
3. Why Insurance is a costly affair?
Today Trackfinder-NJ is organising a free digital learning session today.

**Topic: Term Plan, Your First Insurance Cover in Life

**Date: Today, 18th June @ 18:00Hrs

**Speaker: Mr. Anshuman Mishra, National Manager – ICICI Pru Life Insurance Co Ltd

Points to remember to ask the presenter:

1. Why Term Insurance Plan, Why not Money Back and Endowment?
2. When I am gone, Term Insurance will help, when I am alive what will help me?
3. How much cover I need to have to make sure that my family is protected properly?

Please attend this and take a decision to look after your family with an insurance cover and do a financial planning for future.

Warm Regards
Antony Trackfinder

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