Whiteoak Flexi Cap Fund

Whiteoak Capital, a company with an impeccable pedigree has launched its First Domestic Equity Mutual Fund = Flexicap Fund which is open and now available till 26th July 2022. They have 5 Years of experience in FII’s Wealth Management. Foreign Institutional Investors are the biggest investors in India.

The company is founded by Mr. Prashant Khemka (AAA Rated Wealth Manager) and is run by a few top-notch professionals with an average of 20 years of Equity Market Experience. It has a team that believes in investing their own savings too in the funds that they manage.

Very Important 4-Pillars = People (Local and Global Experience), Process (Disciplined Investment Strategy), Philosophy (Great businesses at attractive value), Portfolio (Constructing one that stands the test of time)

Benchmark = Fund will not have any sectoral bias. They will be investing in companies from a universe of top 750 with Rs. 1500 Cr Market cap.

AdvisorZarooriHai = You are requested to invest only after due consultation with me or my team. Overexposure or under – both will have long-lasting repercussions in your Wealth Creation journey.

Why this fund? Why am I asking you to invest?
In the year 2011,
an NFO came and I invested in it. For the next 32 months, it was performing negatively. I never got frustrated. I believed in the philosophy of the fund and today I have 300% growth.
Again in the year 2021, I bought an NFO, but it is still negative. I had the same intuition about this fund too. I have invested in it and will continue to invest too.

After listening to CEO Aashish P Somaiyaa, I have a very strong intuition that this fund too will be a top performer sooner. I have invested in this and have got a Top-Up SIP registered.

Whiteoak Capital Credentials:

  1. Indian MNC has offices in India, Singapore, the UK, Mauritius, Switzerland
  2. The Name Whiteoak stands for = “Transparent-Deep-Rooted Tree of Growth.”
  3. They manage over Rs. 40000 Cr of equities through AIF, PMS, UCITS, and other investment vehicles between offshore and Domestic Assets
  4. Whiteoak is already managing a Flexicap Offshore Fund – UCITS in the name of Ashoka India Opportunities Fund
  5. Two AAA rated Individuals at the helm of this company
  6. FIIs are investing in India through this company, which is huge.
  7. AUM = $5.9 Billion ($1.4 Indian and $3.9 International)

➡️Who should Invest?
Investors with nil or less than 2 Flexi Cap should invest and make this fund part of their portfolio.

If you have more than 2 Flexi Cap in your portfolio, please do not invest in this fund, instead park your money in your existing Flexicap Funds.

The Trackfinder team will assist you in investing in this fund. Do call/reply back for more info.

New Fund Offer details:
Scheme name = Whiteoak Flexi Cap Fund – Gr
NAV = Rs. 10 (12th to 26th Jul) Min Amount: SIP or Lumpsum = Rs. 500

SIP = Rs. 2000 – Rs. 5000 monthly
Lumpsum = Rs 1 – Rs. 5Lakhs

Warm Regards,
Antony Trackfinder

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