Retirement Portfolio, Holistically.

“Retirement is great but only if you have a lot to retire on and a lot to retire to.” #LifeAfterFI.

I have written many short notes, hacks, and calculations about retirement and life thereafter. Today I felt the need to compile them and give them a fresh POV like old wine in a new bottle.

Last week, my Senior Manager Ms. Roma asked a JCO who was retiring on 31Aug2022. “Is it going to be very emotional for you? Will you be able to comprehend the fact that from the morning of September, you will not be able to wear your uniform which you did for the last one and half decades?”

Even before he could answer the questions, I made a statement in my usual blunt manner. “Why should he feel all that? Wasn’t he well aware of the truth that on this day the Defence Services will no longer keep him. In my opinion, it is not the end, in fact, it is the new beginning, (looking at him) am I right?”

After an eerie silence, he said. “Yes, I was aware of all that. What Achaayan said is absolutely right.”

Consistency is Greatness

‘Retirement’ is the most overrated subject since ages.
And on the contrary, ‘Planning to Retire’, is the most underrated.

The perspective of retirement varies from individual to individual. It could be your Employment & Income. Family Societal Status & Geographical Positioning. Our Liabilities & Attachments can immensely contribute to our retirement program.

In this write-up, I wish to give a different perspective through my thoughts and experience in life. This is to trigger an avalanche of ideas, visions, and targets in your life. Something that you will HODL (Hold On to Dear Life) gleefully.

Why does one want to retire?
I want to retire from going to the office every day. I prefer to start working more in a joyful manner. A happy person is a productive person, I believe. I want to retire from the tension of paying salary to my Trackfinder Team and start thinking about creating more jobs for the youngsters. I want to spend money on people who need medical and employment help without worrying about my bank balance.

When should one retire?
Well, I can very comfortably retire from all races at this moment. The purpose of our life is what determines the retirement date. Age is just a number. If you do it in 45, or at 90, the world around you won’t change. Your contribution to the world changes significantly. I want to do that in less than a decade from now.

The most important question is what are you retiring from?
My Heart-based emotions and attachments. Now I am working 16 hours a day to achieve my targets. On average, I travel 120 days a year out of the station for business and pleasure. At this moment I am spending sporadically in my act of giving away due to constraints. I am brand conscious in many ways due to professional ethics and personal taste.

What will you retire yourself into?
I want to convert my emotions and attachments to intellectual-based and unbiased ones. I want to work for more than 20 hrs a day to help others achieve what they need in life. I wish to travel a minimum of 300 days a year across the world doing all that I love. I would like to do this philanthropic act in a more calculated way. One day when I retire, I want to be in a bare basics lifestyle.

By penning this article, my intentions were not to tell you what I want in life. It was just to give you a different perspective. For me, retirement is not sitting at home doing nothing, it has to be converted into more happy hours for people who look up to me. Being more productive for others. A hyperactive workaholic remains so till their last breath. It may not be in a linear fashion, I will have my higher highs and lower lows, and I am okay with that.
What I wish you all to do is to create your own bucket list with timelines. Make that list as elaborate as possible, that will give you more room to think beyond your known capacity to create wealth, health, and happiness en route to retirement.

Once you know what you want to do with your present and future life, Trackfinder Team will work on them and inform you how you should plan to start today. Your interests, hobbies, and life goals will help you create a retirement portfolio, holistically.

We are the torch bearers of your journey inside the tunnel, once you see the light of the Sun, you are on your own. At that moment you can pass on the experience you had with us to someone in need. That is how I wish you to thank us for the services we are providing you with through Trackfinder Financial Consultancy.

My team is my kavach. My vision is my road to Nirvana. My spirit has to become my legacy.

Contact Ms. Roma at +91 9969828224 or

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