Disabusing Delusions of 3Ns- Numbers, Nasdaq, and Nifty

Steadfast uncertainty has become a permanent part of our life. Almost every sane person started believing that there is a monster lurking around the corner to pounce on you to damage the tranquility of life. For the last 5 years, we have seen it all. The best part of this melee is our resolve to fight back and be the winner, come what may.

As an individual investor, everything I picked ended up bleeding profusely. As a Financial Advisor everything that I advised to be part of the investor’s portfolio has shown judgmental error.

Yesterday, while doing my advisory sermon, I said to my team, “There are thousands of thoughts that germinate in our head on a daily basis, however, we pick up about 10 to try them out. They are mostly easy ones. Psychologically this is due to the “Fear of Failure”, “Confused state of mind” and “Influence of our acquaintances”.
‘Sahi bola aap ne’ was my team’s response.

Today I would like to address 3 such confusions that float around us while managing and building long-term wealth. Performances are often measured in relative numbers. The investments we made versus the benchmark indexes from US’s Nasdaq and India’s Nifty.

But why Nasdaq?
What has it got to do with India’s growth?
Haven’t we freed ourselves out of international clutches?
In the last decade, haven’t we aligned ourselves to the freedom of indigenous developments?
Last but not the least, why are we still caged in a European mindset that deprives us of free will and freethinking?

This chart shows the fall Nasdaq has suffered. There was a time when the US investors used to make fun of the Indian companies, investors, and the Government that we have. Today their market is one of the worst performing ones.

With a POTUS, who does not know what he is doing, US investors are running from pillar to post to position themselves in a better place.

Unfortunately, we Indians are looking at the ghosts of the US Stocks Market and predicting the future of the stalwarts of the Indian Market. You need a Financial Advisor to navigate through these macro data and make larnt investment decisions.

Here is our Nifty performance. We have seen it all. We are all weatherproof. One of the basic things that I learned as an investor is “Trust the Fund Manager or the Index which has the capacity to perform with a 20% haircut to the peers or the data we often compare them with.” Nifty stood like a Rock of Gibraltar.
I would like to invite your attention to the standards of Indian Companies listed in Nifty 50, trust me, we are big in the making.

Let me share a picture of an article in the Economic Times. This was shared on Twitter by our Former Chief Economic Adviser to PM, Prof. K V Subramanian. His comments on A. Michael Spence’s interview will evoke enough patriotism in you. Trust India, Stay Invested and Think Long-term.

“Winners Rotate”, this factor is not just in life and sports, it happens in the investment arena too. When we are “pushed in to believe” that performance numbers are permanent, our brain gets blinded by euphoria. In the recently concluded NJ Partner Business Training, Mr. Neeraj Choksi, founder, said “What is certain? Yes indeed it is uncertainty. Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later”. This infographic shows how uncertain the path to growth could be. Stay focused and shut out the noise these funds and media makes.

https://www.etmoney.com/blog/why-chasing-top-performing-mutual-funds-is-not-a-go od-idea/

As a Team, what Trackfinder is trying to solve?
We are trying to find solutions to your Financial well-being. There are no shortcuts to Financial Freedom. Basic tenets are Faith, Vision, Patience, and doing simple things Seriously. Without financial goal planning, you are like a rudderless boat. This picture will show you the impact of staying long without worrying about the rank of the fund. Everything evens out in the long run.

Trackfinder is with you on this journey. Talk to us and create wealth.

Thank you for reading. Do write your comments. Criticism makes me better.

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