Whose Recession is it anyway? My Thoughts and Notes

Never in the history of world affairs, there was an extensively documented economic slump for such a long period of time. Social media is the numero uno culprit in spreading minute details also in scary propositions

It all started with Corona outbreak, world’s job loss data, current account deficit, depression, PMI contraction, ineffective US Administration, Russia – Ukraine war, European energy crisis, inclement weather and finally the corporate earnings downgrade. Many times, I felt like there will not be an end of bad news. Uncertainty was the only certain fact in the last couple of years.

This battery of bad news wasn’t associated with any specific demography or religious congregation or a political posturing. In reality, every country crumbled under the cruel and catastrophic economics of the present and future numbers.

Cascading crimson spear was the only dominating chart across the world. Every time pessimists and rumour mongers had a field day, they felt like Kings of the Casino. Trust me, these negativity sellers are losing big time.

Nasdaq is down by 34% from its all time peak, owing to the US’s undeclared recession. The Britishers are not any better. The entire Europe is in complete doldrums.

India has overtaken the UK in the Jan – Mar Quarter. FY 23 will be the first full year of we staying above UK numbers.

This bleeding in the developed countries are putting a lot of pressure on the listed corporates across the world. This is not helping Indian companies too. Think contra here, when there is a complete meltdown, make use of the investable surplus to buy value.

We have been very bullish on US Funds since the beginning of this downtrend and we will continue to be bullish till Nov 2024.
So it is advisable to have SIP’s into US based funds on multiple dates, if possible.

The Indian economy is growing at a phenomenal phase and slated to become the 3rd largest economy in the next 5 years. World Economic Commentary has earmarked 2028 as the Reckoning of India.


One perfect piece of advice if I have to give you from an Indian perspective will be, Medium Term Equity is the place you should be parking your money in.

I believed in India’s growth and in her strong economy for the last 20 years.
You too can, the next 5 years will be known as the Rise of Indian Power.

Doesn’t Green look promising?

Go ahead with our advice, you will reap good benefits. Some of them may not look like they fit the bill, some will look absolutely contrary to the popular narrative, some will fall flat, some race ahead of time.

One thing that I am very sure about is exponential wealth creation through a combination of SIP’s & Lump Sum in Mutual Funds and a tightly held Stocks portfolio.

The most crucial investment opportunities will be available to us in the years between 2022 – 2025. With stupendous upside growth and with a miniscule lower side probability, every investment you make in the Equity Mutual Funds and Guaranteed Income Plan today will turn out as a wise decision. Make this Diwali very special with Team Trackfinder.

On this auspicious occasion of Lakshmi Pooja, Trackfinder family is sending you and your family a warm Dhanteras and Diwali wishes.

Please do take cognisance of the Macro Economic Data from IMF, RBI, FED and FII’s and place yourself as a front-runner in this.

Talk to Roma and her Team to structure your portfolio to align with the world market.

Warm Regards.
Antony Trackfinder

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