Bread Winners and Home Makers

There was a time when Men were called “Bread Winners” and Women were known as “Home Makers.” In the 21st century this is one of the most visible changes that is happening around us. Both the Women and Men are shouldering the “Family Building” process and in some cases the old saying is reversed making men stay at home and women out in the hustle-bustle world.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, I wish every woman to become a head turner and a force to reckon with. Was this just a once in a year day or do you have a habit of celebrating Woman’s Day every single day in your life? Mind you, this question was not meant for men in general, I would like to know this from ladies and girls as well to answer.

A family consists of 3 things. Health, Wealth, and Happiness. This is not an individual family member’s designated affair; in fact, it is a collective responsibility of people who are in the business of “Family Building.” If family is about ‘collective responsibility,’ then why so much importance to this day. Well, we must go back to the big data from the last 2000 years. History has it all. Chronicled atrocities and suppression against woman are the reason for this new woman empowerment drive. If this data is put to debate, trust me, men will have to run for cover for all that they have done.

All three, Health, Wealth, and Happiness, are interwoven with finesse. Even the slightest of deviations or the minutest of damage to the strands holding them can change the equilibrium of the building that we are carefully constructing. How many people have the habit of getting family members involved in the above matters? This is the actual problem we all need to take to the dining table along with food. A discussion about individual contribution in the running of the family is the first step to bringing a change in the system. Waiting for President Droupadi Murmu, UN’s Dy Gen Sec Amina Mohammed, Michelle Obama or Emma Watson to spell it for you to make the change in our mindset has to stop.  

Health comes first. From the first drop of breastfed milk to her baby, a woman takes health very seriously. One of the best memories of my Amma is watching her tasting the food she prepares for us on a regular interval even when it is being cooked. Now this role is taken over by my partner Leena. A health freak par excellence, a chef with a surprise always hidden under the lid of a utensil. Off late many of my clients asked me “How can you have such fabulous breakfasts on a regular basis?” My repartee is always the same, “I am blessed with LeezKitchen” and she leaves no stone unturned in keeping me and kids healthy.

Bottom line is, take your health very seriously and follow what your loved one prescribes. Some of the basic tweaking that a head of the family must do is to keep the whole family in ship shape. If illnesses are not contained, savings will be contaminated. In my personal wealth management journey, I have noticed men have the tendency to ignore smaller health issues, especially Gynaecological ones. Keeping all ladies of the family in their top shape is to be prioritised.

Wealth comes as a bridge. This is the most difficult part when it comes to majority of the women. In a society mostly governed by patriarchal mindset, the decision to create wealth takes a backseat in a bus filled with ‘old school ideas and too safe’ approach. Both are traps with long term consequences. Women are often pushed into FD’s, RD’s, PF and LIC Policies which are not linked with economy. On the contrary, men align their investments and wealth planning to GDP and Stock Market. Risk & Reward does not have gender. Why are we prejudiced about women’s risk-taking ability?

The old school idea leaves you high and dry in a world where the average overall inflation is about 15%. Be it Education, House construction, Quality Food or Medical Treatment. They ruthlessly drain your savings which are growing at an abysmal 2%. The later one “Has to be Too Safe” is nothing but a person sitting in the bus with seatbelts strapped, tied with ropes and hands and legs shackled to the body of the vehicle. Yes, indeed you are safe, however, when you realise the danger lurking ahead, you have no choice but to go down with the bus. Health is the starting point of the bridge and wealth is the bridge that connects to the other end.

So, how much ever tiresome, troublesome, or treacherous it may be, you must plan your wealth in a constructive way. “A fool with a plan is better than a genius without one.” So said Boone Pickens and Warren Buffett.

The other end of the bridge is Happiness. The old saying which still stands is “Health is Wealth”. Another quote of Warren Buffett is “Money is not everything. Make sure you earn a lot before speaking such nonsense.” Happiness is when you have both in right quantity. In both these conditions, if you are unhealthy with lots of money or you are healthy with no money, you are a brand ambassador of failure. Here the joy of life becomes a pipe dream.

Happiness is not found in just one big thing. It is collage of many small things. From simple smiles to a thank you and fruitful long day ending with a sound sleep all contribute to the happiness quotient that we are all searching for. In this journey, everyone has to contribute their fair share. Who does more is not relevant, all doing their bit is. If you try to show the world that you are very happy while leading an unhealthy life and no financial independence, you are fooling yourself.

This is what I wish you all to do. Take small steps in giving freedom to ladies. Empower them with more financial independence. Bestow them with bigger responsibilities in family and wealth management. Stop underestimating a woman. Give equal rights to them in open platforms. 

All said and done, I wish you to be joyful. Do everything possible to cross the bridge to the world of joy.

If you want to know more, talk to Trackfinder Team or I. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible to have all 3 things in your life.

May God help every man realise the fact that “His Existence is because of a Woman”. Let there be light. Let there be freedom. Let there be equality.

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