You Are In The Wrong Profession

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success?

January of 2004. I walked into the medical shop of a 65 years old gentleman for soliciting an endowment policy. He demanded 50 years premium paying period.

When I hesitated, he asked me about my education and background. I politely answered everything. His response not only startled me but also brought years in my eyes.

“No commerce background, Electrical Engineer, Does not speak Marathi, Poor Communication sills in Hindi, Mallus are clever but poor entrepreneurs, You are scared to ask me the logic of this long term. How do you think you will survive in this Maximum City? India’s Financial Capital will not spare you being naive. It will be better for you to leave this business and start working again.”

2007 to 2010 – Won many major awards for being a Financial Advisor

2012 – One among the Emerging Entrepreneurs of India. Selected by IIM-A, Economic Times, MO Science and Technology.

So more than 100 awards and citations. Managing a team of 12. 4500 Clients.

I think I made a mark. Miles to go before I say I am successful.

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