Tea, Newspaper and Kiss

What are your morning rituals? What does the first hour of your day look like?

Waking up is one thing. Getting out of bed is entirely different. The first place to visit in the morning has been the kitchen for many years.

The ambience is often brighter than the rest of the places. It is always filled with the aroma of brewing tea laced with the condiment flavour of the day. There she stands slightly leaning on the kitchen slab with her right foot resting on her left foot knee. Something like how an Eggert stands in a swamp for fishing. I plant my kiss on the back of her neck with a gentle hug and walk away for my rest of the routines.

The next important thing to do is to give belly rubs to Copper, my Labrador. I can’t escape this as she puts on a siege on my movement before giving her that strokes on her belly.

By the time I come out of the washroom, the tea, Shrewsbury biscuits, and both newspapers are ready at the small balcony we have. The next 30 minutes are magical. The conversation between the tea and the news is often business numbers and memorable events happened from the previous day.

Life is beautiful. It is a blessing to have a fulfilling life with memories to share and bread to break. I pray everyone gets to enjoy life in its grandeur.

According to the management thinker and author Mr Adam Grant, Talent, Hard work, Luck and Giving are the four pillars of success. A beautiful and revitalising morning hour every day sets the ball rolling towards success, I believe.

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