Shifting The Caring to Worthy

Describe one positive change you have made in your life.

Caring is an acquired trait. If you are cared for well in your formative years, you are most likely to reciprocate in a manner that stands out. In adulthood, inculcating a habit of caring for others is next impossible. My mother, a trained nurse, was at the helm of teaching us through her own selfless work for others.

I picked it up from the point where she left. Then I learned selfless caring is one and burning oneself for it is entirely another thing. I went too far. I rubbed my skin to make others warm. I burned my time for all of them and in return, they cared less. I always told them “Pass It On”. Yes, there are more needy people out there who need your care.

When they fail to pass it on, I need to make sure that such people are not part of my space. Hence, I decided to shift my caring to someone worthy.

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