Smile, Numbers, Confidence, Food & Sleep

What are 5 everyday things that bring you happiness?

This is numero uno. A beautiful morning starts with smiles all around. I am blessed to have a minimum of 7 smiles every single day of my life. This includes my family, my team, and an unconditionally loving Labrador, Copper. Then comes the invisible smiles I get from my client base. These moments shower me with infinite happiness.

Some people around me often make fun of me being a man of numbers. My day starts with my business numbers. I share them with Leena when she comes to the balcony with tea and Shrewsbury biscuits. The expression and the spark in her eyes are always a different set of numbers. Sometimes social media numbers too make me happy. If happiness had a number, I would have penned it here.

My credence in facing the day ahead. My loved ones trust in what I am doing. My team’s conviction while doing business. More than knowledge, unwavering confidence is what takes us forward. One-third of the earth is land, may the measure of the ocean be our grit to succeed. Happiness is evidence of blooming confidence.

If happiness had texture, aroma, and taste, then food represents the whole of it. If there was a mechanism to create electricity from the glow on the face when the food is served, we would not have faced power shortages. Every time I visit a restaurant, I secretly enjoy that glow on people when their order is served on the table. Those first few seconds when we forget about the surroundings are real happiness.

Good sleep is a blessing. Joy is not only found while you are awake, it wakes up while you fall asleep too. Beautiful dreams are an expression of your inner happiness. I love sleeping, especially cuddled-up. Rest I am leaving it to your imagination.

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