My Backbone Broke, She Said.

She lost her Papa, I have limited information about her, still I couldn’t resist penning this to her. Sometimes we need to walk extra miles to make someone fill the emptiness they are experiencing.

Dear Po,

I can relate to this. When I lost my mother, I did not cry. I had no emotions. I felt a vacuum around me. When I came back home from the funeral I broke down. I could not stand the thought of she is vanishing into the thin air.

I could never recover from the loss I had. Probably, that loss has become my driving force. Knowingly or unknowingly, from there on she became my inspiration. Engulfing myself in a trance of upliftment.

She had some very special traits.
She was a trained nurse.
She worked for society.
She helped lots of my relatives.
She lived a simple life.
She wanted me to be victorious.
She wanted my kids to be incredible.
She was very generous.
She never allowed me fast on festivals.
She cooked simple food.
She loved talking to me.
She loved my presence in the kitchen.
She wasn’t a “Do this now” person.
She was “I will do it myself” strong-willed.
She was always happy.

I thought my backbone will break, but her traits become my backbone. Her prayers my strength. Her aura became my immunity.

Today I want to tell you to make His qualities as your backbone.

If only I was there to give you my shoulder to cry.
If only I had known you more to help you better.
In words and spirits I am with you my friend.

I don’t know whatever I wrote is correct or not.
I cannot understand your actual pain. I can only relate to it by revisiting my own pain.

Love you for being a strong woman.

Warm Regards
Antony Trackfinder

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