Transliterating Indian Economic Data

I am not an Economist; however, I love the subject and also understand its importance in an Advisor’s life as well as in the wealth creation journey of an investor. Growth is often represented by a graph. The fact about growth is, it is always created by using a rear-view mirror, not by looking forward through the windshield at the front. As Investors, we commit faults in reading these data received from multiple sources around us. This space, the source, is day-by-day getting more complex with high-end analytics spike points.

The 21st century quote “Data is the New Oil” fits perfectly into the present state of affairs. In my opinion, if you have the data, you can, not only produce but also price and manage oil very well. With this understanding and thoughts, I am supplying you with fodder for your investment journey. Rather than being the one ending up with “missed out” status in a growing economy, learn to be the frontrunner.

With the emergence of AI and Algorithms, our choices are changing rapidly. Most of these choices are driven by push notifications and advertisement flashings around the eye balls. The extensive usage of AI and Algo in social media has done more damage to us than good. The most nutritious Dal-Chaval-Sabji is replaced by KFC’s, McD’s, and Subways. In this swiftly changing environment advisors have to learn faster and adapt to the changes while investors have to follow the collated data to face the challenges in the thick of things happening in India. These infographics gives me a chance to be at the right place at the right time in terms of personal investment and investor advisory.

Many statistics in the recent past suggest that “Recession will not hit India”. This data has been published by various agencies monitoring the World’s Economic activities with binoculars and Indian Economy with a microscope. This is nothing less than a sour grape syndrome by the West and paid media. The depth and strength of Indian growth in the subcontinent is viewed with envy and media is paid to play it to the gallery.

There was a time we used to hear Before Christ and Ano Domini, then came pre- and post-WWI and WWII whenever we discuss Point-2-Point analysis of the economic activity or valuations of an asset class. However, it is currently tagged with Pre-Covid – Covid Lockdown – Post-Covid data points. How ironic! We love to reaffirm our state of affairs with the miseries that a mass faced. Our life should be determined by the quantum of happiness that we create than the miseries that external factors thrust into us.  

The world media and statisticians have placed Bharat under the Microscope to dig out as much dirt as possible, however, most of them, if not all, failed miserably in this quest. The Indian Industrial Production, Post Covid Survived SMEs, Core Industry Cashflow Projections, CAD, FII inflows into the Indian Equity Market, DII’s accumulation of Indian and world companies, Overall Tax collection, and Purchasing Power Parity are all indicating a Credible Indian Economy.

We can debate about the Indian standards, but the point to be noted is, “India is standing tall with impeccable data matrix amidst the rubble of failed states around the globe”. The Oxymoron situations that we are facing now are as follows:
“We have a volatile stock market even with good corporate earnings.”
“De-Dollarization to make Rupee stronger, still we are not growing fast enough.”
“Reducing Energy and Tech dependability on the US and Europe, still our core sectors are not raking in good profit.”
“World over the Companies are reducing manpower to sustain in the market, on contrary India is still creating more employment”.

Under these circumstances how can you miss the potential growth of India?
How can you stop the people from trusting Indian and her story?
If the economy of a country is in her ability to defend itself from every challenge that comes its way, then what are those challenges that you think India will face and fail?

I am bullish on India since the donkey years. I will remain so for the rest of my life. It is up to you to think and act according to your capacity.

My Team and I are here to help you take the right decision at the right time. Asset allocation in the Large, Mid or Small company should be done with inputs from Advisor.

If your investments are outside my platform, you may contact us with it for a “One-Time Free Analysis” of your personal portfolio.

#AdvisorZarooriHai is #aPromiseOfPerformance

Warm Regards
Antony Trackfinder

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