Jai Hind – Jai Jawan – HDFC Defence Fund

Jai Hind – Jai Jawan,

Patriotism is associated with men and women in uniform who protects a nation. In India, “The Indian Army and the Armed Forces” are epitomes of patriotic adrenalin rush. I, in the last 2 decades, always wanted an investment window to take part in the growth of our Indian Armed Forces. Today HDFC has answered that dream with this very niche and innovative product in the name of HDFC Defence Fund. 70% of my investor client base is from the Navy, Army, Air Force, and Security personnel. I serve them with the utmost dedication and I consider this as a passive way of serving my Nation.

Before you read further let me inform you. I have already invested in this fund via Lump Sum and SIP. I have my skin in the game. Trust me, “If I Preach, I will Practice too”.

I want you all to consider this Fund in your Portfolio with a Lump Sum (₹50,000 to ₹2,00,000) and SIP (₹2000 to ₹5000) for a period of 3 – 5 years. Minimum Investment is ₹100, both SIP and Lump Sum.

If you know the Ballistic Missiles stories from Prithvi to Agni, Shivalik Class Ships to Air Craft Carrier and Helicopters, LCA’s and SU-30’s, you will understand the reason of my bullish stand on this fund.

There are enough and more Economic Data to suggest that Govt of India is going to spend over ₹1 Lakh Crore on the upgradation of Indian Armed Forces every year. It roughly translates into an average increment of 9% every year. This has been the case in the Union Budget Allocation over the last decade. There is no scaling down in the strengthening of sovereign power.

The majority of the investments will be in listed Public Sector Undertakings run directly by the GOI. This fund has a universe of 23 listed Defence Manufacturers and 7 companies affiliated to them in the in the run-up to Aatmanirbhar Bharat and Make In India Campaign. MOD has put more emphasis on indigenization and the concept of “From Global Imports to Local Manufacturing and to Global Exports”.

Let’s make India a Superpower in the Multipolar World of Armed Forces, every penny you invest in this fund will boost Indian Defence Sector.

Invest with Full Josh. Let the Olives Greens, Whites, and Sky Blues shine bright.
Talk to Trackfinder Team for more information.

If you do not have an Investment Account with Trackfinder Financial Services, you can open one here using this link with a few clicks and a simple documentation process with Zero Charges.

Link: http://p.njw.bz/09270

This is 100% safe and I am responsible for managing your account and advising you in wealth creation.

जय हिंद
Antony Trackfinder

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