Trackfinder Financial Consultancy

Mr Yesudas Antony, popularly known as Antony Trackfinder, is the Founder, Managing Director and Chief Investment Advisor of Trackfinder Financial Consultancy.

He is an Electrical Engineer turned Entrepreneur & Financial Advisor with over 20 years of experience in Equity Market and Wealth Management.

Twitter – @yesudasantony

You may follow him on Twitter & Blog for his views on Investments, Insurance, Savings, Economy, Wealth Management.

Our Trackfinder Team consists of:-
Ms Roman Miranda, Senior Manager with 10 years of experience.

Mr Akshay Shinde,
Ms Ruchita,
Mr Dipesh are the Relationship Managers

Asset under management is ₹1.5bn as on 1Aug2022.

You may visit our website
to know more about us.

Warm Regards
Trackfinder Team

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